Organizing VARDOMPOOL cluster was commenced at the end of the year 2011. and the negotiations had been managed to get into the phase that the founding members definitively decided their cooperation intention in the year 2012. Beside the cluster cooperation, the members carry on with their own operation under their own name and account as well.

Foundation of all member companies was taken place after the economic-social system transformation commenced in Hungary in 1989, like the C&C TradeX Ltd. in 1991, the HOREX Ltd. in 1992, the ReSton Ltd. in 1997, Bálint Kert-Ész Ltd. in 1999 and the VARDOM Ltd. in 2000. Nevertheless, the vocational antecedents at all the member companies reach back well before to the beginnings of the companies' owners' professional carrier at one of the state companies in the 1970's.

The representation of VARDOMPOOL, the marketing, order acquisition and contracting activity in the name of the cluster as well as the accomplisment of the directing and managing tasks in connection with settling the orders obtained is carried out by one of the founding members, the VARDOM Ltd. as managing partner.


Postal address: Angol u. 38., 1149 Budapest, Hungary
Telefon: 361-422-0442
Telefax: 361-422-0441

The members organize between themselves the execution of contracts to be accomplished withIn cluster circumstances sometimes on commision agent and in other case on the own account legal form while the form to settle the accounts is sometimes the ameta and in other case the pool system. Members do ensure also to each other their connection-network as well, by which they increase the cluster's strength and reputation against the other players on the market in their own branch