The VARDOMPOOL is an identifying name, under which construction industry companies with seat in Hungary and active in various profiles associated with each other setting out from the common opinion that the co-operation which can be developed between them could grant business benefit for all members, may improve the firms' value-creating ability. The members may reasonably complement each others' services that could result in new market opportunities furthermore economic benefits, growth in income to the individual member.

Such collaboration between construction industry companies may be interpreted as a response to the ever changing economic circumstances, to the urge for development, efficiency, market adaptation and fast response capacities.

The cluster's founding members are representatives of such construction industry crafts, where:

  • the quality of the end product of the service requires high expertise, depends on highly educated labour force,
  • due to its unique character, the implementation requires working hours-absorbing manual work, there is no or hardly any opportunity for standardized serial production,
  • the materials that are used are of high value, which in many cases are unique and irreplaceable,
  • determines the final surface appearance of the building on its exterior, the interior as well as its surroundings,

The joint activity is able to offer complex, quality contracting service exceeding the individual members' capacity, ensures within the frame of a single contract the realisation with correct quality and respectively the verifiability of such works also that otherwise would have to be ordered from 3 - 4 companies. This is guaranteed by implementing the project organisation and management under the auspices of VARDOMPOOL.