A cluster is not consortium notwithstanding the fact that more firms do collaborate here as well. However, contrary to a consortium - where the co-operation is organised by the members in order to realise a concrete project - the cluster comes onto existence for indeterminate time with the aim to search for as well as realise projects not known at the time of its foundation yet. It is also additional essential difference, that - while in the case of a consortium all members participate in executing the given project - in the case of a cluster partcipation of all members in all projects is not mandatory.

The cluster organization provides an excellent opportunity for the cost-effective rationalisation of operation of the firms belonging to the same industrial branch, for the market expansion organized on a higher level and later on for the application of an up-to-date logistical system.

VARDOMPOOL is also considered a cluster with the purpose to mold its own professional image, uniform appearance in projects requiring more crafts to the execution or in the medias and in case of needs on professional, official forums. This association provides benefits not only for its members but advantageous for the ventures linked to the members since their competitiveness improves and consequently the incomes increase, new and competitive ventures emerge and the employment improves hereby.

Naturally, VARDOMPOOL cluster is open to additional joining members. The cluster's members are authorized to recommend the new members for admission and voting on their admission or rejection is taken place after preparatory discussions of a general assembly.