Bálint Kert-Ész Ltd.

The company’s profile cannot be expressed with short, precise term. Customers tend to call it a horticultural firm, although this does not properly describe the circle of its diverse activities requiring various skills. The company could be described as one which is engaged in the construction of a more ordered environment and lifting existing living and lifeless environmental elements into a higher quality category. The division of its activity per specialty area:

Activity range by professions:

  • ground and rock works, reconstructions,
  • stone and concrete land coverings,
  • drainage, constructing hydromanagement channels,
  • constructing irrigation and drain systems,
  • horticulture, planting vegetation and trees, transplantation

The company performs extremely broad spectrum orders in the field of environmental construction, such as public square reconstruction, road and motorway protecting earthworks and afforestations, the development of the competitive surfaces of sports facilities and complete park building and garden building tasks. This is where due to their size and complexity, specific state orders are classified, as well as specific project components to be performed as part of large scale architectural investments organised by investment companies.

The company’s broad array of activities could not be carried out at a high level of quality with a continuously changing labor staff. Over the course of years, as a result of deliberate selection, a permanent 15 member strong professional team was developed, supplemented by a project dependent, in some cases, 45-50 person strong part-time implementation team. At the same time, the company performs design, construction preparation, construction management, technical supervisory and sales duties within its own organizational framework.

With the exception of freight vehicles, earthmoving machinery and other heavy duty equipment, the company possesses the necessary machinery, instruments, tools and assets to perform on-site measurements and implementation alike. Should heavy machineries be required, than the work-phase was out-sourced to relevant subcontractors.

The designer capacity is based on the experience and training of the work associates, acquired over the years, gathering impressive references over the past decades. Over the course of construction projects, a great number of solutions had been developed that even though do not meet the criteria of a legally protectable patent or know-how, however influences elementarily the end-result of the construction.