C&C TradeX Ltd.

The company’s activity is expressly concentrated on fulfilling the interior decoration residential fabric needs of the owners of hotels, office buildings, banks, cultural and hospitality facilities and not in the least castles, apartments and villas that are belongig to the premium quality category.

The company generally works on the basis of detailed consignments and sample-attached implementation designs drawn up by interior architect designers and studios, but in numerous cases, in partnership with interior architect designers, it prepares the interior decoration visual plan as well as the execution details of the interior architecture satisfying the style instructions defined by the customer.

The most advantageous case is when the customer is simultaneously the end user and the needs can be met to the utmost through a direct work relationship, such as:

  • interior architect design of unique spaces,
  • translucent, blackout and decorative curtains,
  • manual and motor driven shading technology,
  • ceiling and wall rail system curtain rods and curtain rod systems,
  • wall, decorative and furniture upholstery fabrics,
  • coverlets, bed scarves, decorative pillows,
  • renovation and upholstery of antique and period furniture and reproduction of missing pieces of furniture sets,

The customer's circle and respectively the quality level of the products is determined by that the company is assigned for factory representation and in the cases of project implementation it is granted with exclusive import right from the Austrian Baumann Dekor and the French Pierre Rocle factories, both producing household textiles ( furniture upholsteries, textiles for decoration, translucent textiles with normal and also flame-proof features ) that are representing the highest qualitative category in Europe. In addition to its representation artivity, in the interest of fulfilling case-by-case needs, the company also engages in the sale of the products of other German, Italian and Czech residential fabric and upholstery manufacturing companies.

The fulfilment of the orders is supervised by a permanent pool of 4-5 professionals that also instructs the implementation at site organises mounting and the installing at site.

The company’s own show-room ensures the fulfillment of varied, even special needs, where the fabrics may be chosen. The storage of installation materials and parts required for the activity is ongoing in the warehouse. The company has its own tooled curtain-rod workshop necessary for the manufacture and bending of curtain-rods, and for the cutting of leather and fabrics and for the sewing of very heavy and thick materials.