Horex Ltd.

The company is one of the most acknowledged enterprise of the carpentry, tinsmithing and roofing professions in Hungary. Its activity is primarily focused on the construction of comlete roofs built with traditional technology with different measurements and shells. The company has accumulated adequate experience in the construction and renovation of roofs constructed with special technologies as well. The roof of a lot of public buildings, historic monuments and many residential blocks and family homes have also been constructed by the company.

Activity range by professions:

  • sheet-ironing
  • ornamental tinsmithing works
  • constructing carpentry structures
  • roofing by different technologies
  • implementing thermal and hydro insulation systems
  • unique ornamental tinsmithing products
  • reconstruction works
  • designing new roofs as well as reconstructions

The company has at its disposal the necessary designer and specialist staff, as well as the manufacturing capacity background for the flawless implementation of traditional carpenter-bonds to pin-disk supports, from up-to-date tinsmith technologies to double-bent cupolas, from ornamental windows to ornamental tinsmithing works.

Its permanent staff of senior supervisors consists of 4 people, of which 2 have high school degrees with technical operator's license. The implementation staff consists of a well trained team; taking into account staff at the partnering specialized subcontractor firms that have joined up over the years, the number of people working on filling the orders amounts to 35-40.

The proprietary workshops are equipped with the machinery required for manufacturing. The company has introduced and is maintaining an internal quality control system endorsed also according to ISO system for the manufacturing, preparation and implementation of on-site processes.

The firm and its work are most of all characterized by the level of professional preparedness, reliability and ethical behavior. The company cannot afford shoddy work, as any defect is self-evident the moment it is exposed to stormy weather.

After all, people want a sound "lid" over their heads!