Ipari Alpin Ltd.

The company’s activities extend to perform the various finishing jobs of the external surfaces, facades and roofing of residential and public buildings, industrial and communications structures, including renovation, cleaning and maintenance tasks.

  • subsequent heat insulation of buildings,
  • facade plastering, repairing,
  • exterior cover painting and colouring, covering with anti-graffiti coating,
  • stone cleaning, stone filling in,
  • cleaning of polluted building surfaces,
  • mounting tinware structures,
  • repairing, injecting, insulating the concrete elements of industrial towers, silos, etc,
  • protecting metal structure towers against corrosion,
  • exploration of underground cave passages, the building of tourist paths

What makes the company’s profile so special is not the nature of the performed work, as thousands of companies work on jobs like this. What makes it special is that they are not performed via the building of traditional scaffolding and work undertaken from it, but rather the task is solved via mountaineering techniques, a method only a few dozen companies are capable of. Thus the company possesses significant competitive advantages with the customers, when only mountaineering techniques can ensure:

  • cheaper implementation in the case of surfaces that can only be accessed via scaffolding with difficulty or at great expense,
  • scaffolding is not permitted due to safety (e.g.: prison), property defense (e.g.: bank, mint), or architectural and static (e.g. historical buildings, unloadable ceiling) reasons,
  • works realised above high-traffic public places in night shift,
  • works performed on extra tall or amorphously shaped technical objects

The company possesses all such devices and machinery which is generally required to fulfill orders within its profile. On the one hand, this equipment consists of customized mountaineering gear for each person, on the other, the tools of the work that may be performed via mountaineering technology, such as concrete removal and corrosion protection equipment, high pressure hydraulic milling cutters, dry and wet shot-blasters, cement and synthetic resin injection equipment, diamond drills, etc. Various patented techniques are also usually applied such as surface purifying by JOS technology.

Because of the special working technique, only physically fit, dedicated people who have passed a strict selection process are admitted among the working staff. As a result of the conscious screening process, over the course of recent years a technical directing staff with upper level technical certification and a steady craftsmen staff of 12 persons were developed, supplemented on a case-by-case basis by a team of subcontractors of as many as 30 people, depending on the job.