ReSton Ltd.

The company is involved in the renovation and restoration of building elements made of natural stone materials, mostly using hand tools, but if necessary, power tools as well and is also involved in the manufacture of new objects, with particular emphasis on historic buildings and castles. It is also engaged in organizing the cooperation of other professionals working in this branch and of craftsmen engaged in the manufacture and ornamentation of associated objects and surfaces.

Few work in these professions in either Hungary or even Europe, as they require thorough studies in art history, decade of experience, great dedication and precision.

The competence of the company and of the network of partnering professionals extend to the following:

  • the cleaning, conservation and restoration of the stone structures of historic and art objects (stairs, rails, columns, window-sills, ledges, etc.)
  • the conservation and restoration of stone decorative elements (statues, reliefs, carvings, fountains, window-ledges, etc)
  • the restoration of stone coverings and surfaces (walls, floors, stairs, etc.)
  • restoration of decorative wall painting
  • stained glass making
  • restoration of objects made of natural wood (wain-scoting, pillars, ceiling, sculptures, banisters )
  • the manufacture of finished products, copies (stone, wood, glass, painting)

The craftsmen - renowned even as individuals - usually work independently with the aid of a few assistants; many orders, however, require the simultaneous performance of multiple types of work, thus they often cooperate with one another and know each other well. They are all prepared for the continuous performance of work at outside locations and possess workshops equipped with the required tools and equipment, where they can perform preparatory or workshop-only tasks. When required, certain sections of the work are passed on to subcontractors, but even in those cases, they exercise personal direction.