Vardom Ltd.

VARDOM Ltd's activities are focused on the effective implementation of construction investments, their organization and to ensure the high technical level of the execution. The company and the owners involved in directing its activity possess relevant education and experience to organize and supervise any stage of the investment and implementation process with regard to the technical and financial compliance of the contractual terms of the construction projects.

  • elaboration of development concepts and project proposals,
  • preparation of construction investments and cost estimations,
  • technical-state evaluation, consultation, specialist's reports,
  • investment organisation and implementation,
  • superstructure construction planning, co-ordination of planning,
  • preparation of construction licensing as well as implementation plan documentations,
  • arrangement of licensing procedure,
  • general implementation and main contracting of constructions,
  • managing construction, technical controlling,
  • organizing and executing export contracts,

To perform the process of a complete real estate investment or a portion thereof, the company possesses its in-house personnel and outside subcontractors. Similarly to construction foreman service contracts, the company often agrees to perform all technical inspection duties of construction investments, with regard to which it possesses the professionals with the appropriate permit and the subcontractors possessing this certification as well.

The planning staff possesses permits for various specialist planning areas, such as superstructure construction, structure planning, EU engineers, etc., but of course it does not have certification for all areas. Pursuant to general practice, in the case of those planning works for which the in-house designers do not possess licensure and for the performance of specialist planning works, we contract with certified planning firms and coordinate their work.

Depending on the work processes, the company determines which parts will be accomplished by itself and for which parts will exterior firms be involved. At the same time, in all cases, guarantee for the works completed even for the works completed by exterior firms is assumed by the company.