It is prestige for us to take part in the planning, creating those buildings, technical objects, constructed as well as natural environmental elements or in the renovation, restoration of such technical products that embody surplus content beyond the usefulness, experience in its aesthetic appearance or its historic as well as unique value to the public. We do believe that, the accomplishment of these requests means not only economic issue for us however is going to involve satisfaction inexpressible in financial terms because of we could participate in granting aesthetic experiences to those people who are using these objects and environment.

We are committed to searching challenges like this and accomplishing the technical realisation on high level. To the proper accomplishment of these works not only vocational preparations and experiences however, due to their individual characters, preliminary historical explorations, analysis, elaborating in library of written memories, in many cases developing individual solutions are to be executed together with the customer, posessing his consent.

Our members are all committed to quality work in their own branches, they are able to perform it on high level, as well which is testified by countless successfuly completed commissions on prominent buildings as well as areas and are in many cases honored by awards, medals or purely by gratitude.

After their completion, we are particularly proud of these kind of works and consider them as prestige performance.