The activity profile of VARDOMPOOL comprises the realization of those construction industry working processes where the quality of the implementation end product depends on the highly-educated, thoroughly experienced labor force with the materials involved being of great value, in many cases irreplaceable.

A building, a surface, an interior room or open space receives its final, visible appearance due to the results of these working processes and turns into an aesthetically enjoyable sight. The exterior appearance is determined by implementing different coverings, insulations, decorations and other solutions i.e.:

  • erecting complete traditional roofs by different technologies,
  • ornamental tinsmith works for roofs, installing ornamental items,
  • reconstructing building and historic building stone surfaces,
  • reconstructing decorative stone objects, sculptures,
  • exterior covering and insulation of buildings,
  • mounting special shading-technic systems,
  • interior-textile and upholstery installations,
  • renovation of public town squares,
  • environment raising from living and lifeless elements at motorways, roads and streets,
  • cleaning, injecting, repairing, painting by alpine-technique the towers made from steel structure or concrete,
  • organizing and implementing main construction works,

Project organization and implementation under the name VARDOMPOOL is able to offer complex, quality contracting service exceeding the individual members' capacity, ensures within the framework of a single contract the realisation with correct quality and respectively the verifiability of such works also that otherwise should be ordered from 3 - 4 companies.

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