The VARDOMPOOL members' accumulated range of customers is very wide, it covers practically almost the whole range of those investors who are active in constructing buildings for civil usage.

Naturally, due to its differing range of activity, each member's own range of customers differs from those of the others, however there are significant overlaps as well. We not only have customers who had already ordered services from more of our members, there are also numerous projects in the construction of which more of our members worked together at the same time.

Our customers' actual listing is not the aim of this site, however grouping them according to their characteristics do adequately introduce our customers' range.

  • state organizations
  • communities
  • firms
  • non-profit organizations
  • private persons

Beside the customers' range in Hungary, more of our members had and also has got customers abroad mainly in the countries adjacent with Hungary like Austria, Slovakia, Serbia, Rumania where they participate in the implementation or the renewal of palaces, monument objects, hotels. In recent years, some of our members managed to accomplish prestige value works on hotels and buildings with high reputation in some farther European countries like Spain and Russia.