Retail products

VARDOMPOOL's member companies deal with basically venture services and consulting activity in a smaller degree and do not run manufacturing of standardised end products for retail. However, in the course of executing service contracts, only a part of the components is shaped to the installation demands from basic materials transported to the site while another, very significant part is made on the basis of dimensions measured at site by production equipment being far from the building-site.

Our member companies are in possession of their own production and working plant and machineries such as tinsmith and ornamental tinware workshop, stone processing studio, fabric cutting shop and sewing workshop, metal processig plant, woodworking plant, etc for manufacturing objects as new one or to be inserted as replacement at a renovation, restoration. In these workshops, reproduction of articles according to ones previously arranged for works and respectively published in catalogues as well as production of individual, new objects according to the technical data negotiatied with the customer are also performed. In a sense like this, our member companies also deal with production and sale of retail products.

However, we do emphasize that we are not capable of webshop style vendor services. We are "only" able to produce as to measure, to unique order like the so called "gentleman-tailoring".