Type of works

For his customers, VARDOMPOOL assures the full range of material, machinery, work-force and craftsmanship capacity necessary for executing the works denominated on these pages. Collection of his services is capable to secure complex handling of the customer's needs within this range.

Roof constructing

  • erecting carpentry structures by classic as well as standard techniques
  • roof insulating
  • tile covering by standard as well as faithful methods and materials
  • roof tinsmith works
  • ornamental tinsmith works, patination
  • manufacturing ornamental objects in workshop and mounting on the site
  • executing thermal and hydro insulation systems
  • restoration and reconstruction works
  • designing new as well as faithful roofs


  • constructing stone surfaces of buildings and historic monuments
  • cleaning, preserving and reconstructing stone surfaces
  • manufacturing, copy-making, renovating stone articles, stairs, sculptures
  • renewing window frames, rims of castles
  • covering building facade surfaces with natural stone
  • laying as well as repairing natural stone surfaces on floors and walls of inner rooms
  • ornamental painting onto wall, column and ceiling
  • manufacturing, renewing articles made from natural wood
  • manufacturing lead-glass
  • repair, reconstruction at site
  • repair, reconstruction works in the workshop
  • reconstruction in museum and during other operating circumstances
  • manufacturing as well as renovating objets in the workshop then mounting at site
  • photogrammatical measuring
  • identifying stone requirement

Shading technique and interior textile

  • woven, printed decoration curtains
  • black-out curtains also in foiled or woven, UNI or printed, flameproof, filth repulsive, abrasive standing finish
  • translucent curtains also in flame-proof finish
  • wrinklings, accesories for curtain making, confectioning, textile works
  • other shading technique manual and motor driven
  • manufacturing and mounting at site rail system curtain-rods and curtain-rod systems with curved close if necessary and for installing onto ceiling or side wall possibility
  • flat- and upholstery installations
  • manufacturing and supply of coverlets, bed-scarfs, decorative pillows
  • renewal of antic and style furnitures ( wooden elements and upholstery ) and completing scanty sets by reproduction
  • confectioning upholstery
  • tapestry, decorative tapestry

Environment engineering

  • constructing town squares and streets, decorative covers
  • planing and implementing roof gardens on office buildings and malls
  • constructing motorway and road embankments, vegetation and rock casings
  • constructing contest surfaces and surroundings of sports establishments
  • erecting stairways, revetment walls
  • constructing irrigation, hydromanagement, channel, drainage systems
  • horticulture, planting vegetation and trees
  • transplanting trees
  • building parks and playfields
  • ground and rock works
  • designing and erecting gabion walls

Alpin technique works

  • renovation, protection against corrosion of reinforced concrete industrial stores, silos
  • stone cleaning, stone filling in
  • repairing concrete suface crackings by injection
  • protecting metal structure towers against corrosion
  • mounting and dismounting antennas
  • post-insulation of buildings against heat and water
  • facade plastering, repairing
  • exterior cover painting and colouring
  • window and glass-surface cleaning
  • demolition, repair, cleaning of chimneys
  • mounting as well as painting advertisement signs
  • exploration cave-gorges, forming out tourist paths,

Project management

  • development concepts
  • elaboration of project proposals
  • preparation of investment programmes, cost plans
  • technical state survey, evaluation, professional consultation
  • organizing and managing investment
  • building planing
  • co-ordinating the elaboration of licensing as well as implementation documentation
  • arrangement of licensing procedure
  • general implementation as well as main contracting
  • managing construction
  • technical controlling